New Hampshire Theatre Awards
2019 - CHICAGO
Best Director of a Musical
Best Production of a Musical
2016 - CABARET
​Best Director of a Musical
Best Production of a Musical

Best Director, Best Musical
Best Original Production
by John Pielmeier and Matty Selman


Review for LaCage Aux Folles - Arizona Broadway Theatre
"With direction that doesn't short change the emotional pull of the comical but heartfelt story about family, director Clayton Phillips ensures that most of the big comic moments land while not downplaying the beating heart of emotion at the show's center."  Gil Benbrook - Talkin' Broadway

Review for MAMMA MIA - Arizona Broadway Theatre
"Direction that doesn't short-change the emotional center of this hit musical. Clayton Phillips has found a cast who deliver realistic, fleshed out, three-dimensional portrayals. Phillips also ensures the dramatic moments resonate while the comedy and upbeat musical sequences shine with fun" 
Gil Benbrook, Talking Boradway

Reviews for CHICAGO at Winnipesaukee Playhouse
​"Clayton Phillips is the director of this production and the only word to describe his work is "brilliant." From his most creative staging to the bawdiness of the delightfully comic touches, Phillips infuses the play with satire and wit. He did not miss a chance to make his cast shine despite the dark tones of the material."  Broadway World

Reviews for THE PRODUCERS - Arizona Broadway Theatre
"Clayton Phillips succeeds in every possible way, making the humorous moments pop and the actors shine.  He has added many original comical bits ... and well-choreographed scene changes that incorparate the ensemble cast to swiftly move the action along in creative ways"

"Clayton Phillips ... truly understands the mind and message of Mel Brooks and has honored him by serving up a well-executed and thoruroughly delightful must-see production."

Reviews for CURTAINS - The Wick Theatre
"Phillips, and the entire cast, are in their element acting as our surrogates in the secret wish fulfillment of theatre lovers who dream of - and never will be - on the professional stage."  Bill Hirschman - Florida Theatre Onstage

"Director, Clayton Phillips, gets across-the-boards sharp work from this large cast, particularly in the leading roles." Christine Dolan, The Sun Sentinel
And there is more ....

"Clayton Phillips is a wonderful Director! He directed my 2 year national tour of ShowBoat! He's really brilliant"
Phillip Boykin; Actor and Tony Nominee for Porgy and Bess.

"The dream of every writer is to find a director sent from the gods - that director is Clayton Phillips.  His sense of dramaturgy is keen - he clearly understands what makes a play tick and what stops it from ticking - but most importantly he understands how to work with a writer to re-think and explore and enhance.  His people skills are extraordinary and, in addition he's a lovely human being". 
John Pielmeier, Author of Agnes of God and Slow Dance With A Hot Pick-Up

"Clayton is wonderfully creative and imaginative.  He pays extreme attention to detail, continuity and to significantly honoring the material for which he serves".  Ken Gentry, Producer, NETWorks

"Clayton's professional work ethic and his thorough preparation make the rehearsal and technical process work smoothly.  At the same time he manages to keep a positive and artistically encouraging approach throughout the process".  Jon Kimbell, Producer, North Shore Music Theatre

"A passionate director.  An intensely creative mind.  A lifelong understanding of theatre and drama.  And really nice guy".   George Cleveland, President of the Board, The Barnstormers Theatre

"He is, aside from being a gifted and talented director, someone who leads and listens - that rare combination of intellect and heart".  Matty Selman, Chair Script Development, New Harmony Project, Author & Composer.
2013  Broadway World.Com Award
Best Production of a Play / Professional
Surflight Theatre, NJ
Directors Reel
Director's Reel
Clayton Phillips
WINNER -  CABARET Best Musical  Winnipesaukee Playhouse
 "He is a talented director. I hope whoever reads this takes him seriously. I do". -   Harold Prince, Director /Producer
Winni Playhouse

 14 Nominations  and Winner of 9 Awards for


CHICAGO at Winnipesaukee Playhouse 2019 Winner of 9 NH Theatre Awards